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   About Dr. Merrie Koester

After ten years of teaching science and looking for a tie to language arts, I have found the best books imaginable!   

D.Epps,Teacher, Lake Jackson, TN



With over thirty years teaching experience, author and educator, Merrie Koester, Ph.D, is motivating elementary and middle school students to read, enjoy, and actively DO science. The Agnes Pflumm series of science education novels are the product of decades of academic research, writing, and curriculum development on teaching STEM through the Arts (or STE[A]M). These novels are also the cornerstone of Read for Science Publishing, founded by Dr. Koester for the purpose of showing how youth can use STEM knowledge/skills and creative problem solving to READ THE WORLD and make evidence-based decisions.  Teachers nationwide are using her novels to incorporate more reading, reflective writing, critical thinking, drawing, and other creative arts into their science curricula. Enthusiastic students find that the Agnes Pflumm novels make both science and reading engaging and fun.


Dr. Koester, a Charleston, SC native, is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Furman University, completed her master’s degree at University of Hawaii, Manoa and her doctorate at the University of South Carolina. She is adjunct professor of science education at the College of Charleston and director of Project Draw for Science and Kids Teaching Flood Resilience for the University of South Carolina Center for Science Education.  You can join her Facebook community at .

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