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The Agnes Pflumm science education novels have been purposefully designed to teach nearly all of the NGSS standards for middle school using an integrated STE[A]M approach. These books are the products of over two decades of research and field testing and are grounded in Dr. Merrie Koester’s belief that the ARTS connect, communicate, and break down barriers, opening windows to the world (and nature of) science for English language learners, poor readers and others too commonly dismissed as poor science students.  The Agnes Pflumm books have become very popular in school STE[A]M literacy programs, in after school STE[A]M camps, and in environmental science programs.  There are PFLUMMSTERS all over the place!


This curriculum is both problem and project-based.  Students engage in creative design tasks that use arts practices to apply or explain science concepts or phenomena and/or propose solutions to place-based problems.  The ARTISTIC practices of Creating, Presenting, Responding, and Connecting are essential in the design, development, and implementation of these STE[A]M projects. 

Click on any book below to view its STE[A]M lesson plans!

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