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In this, the fourth and last in the series of Agnes Pflumm science education novels, our heroine joins battle with her fiercest foe ever. No science fair project, hurricane, or sewage spill could even come close.


The future of our ocean planet is at stake, and Agnes is only a child. (Or is she?) Is this a fantasy, or is it REAL? Seven ancient pictographs are found in the body of a dead whale, but what do they mean?   An Evil IT threatens to destroy the ocean, while screeching whales beckon Agnes Pflumm to find The Great Truth, before it’s too late!


Join Agnes, Edward, and Lydia, as they volunteer to crew on The Quest, a pilot schooner in route from Periwinkle Island, SC, to the Caribbean Sea – to a place called Boriken. A young North Atlantic Right Whale named Lafta accompanies them.  What do the whales know that they don't? 

All Aboard!


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